Although there is quite some time since their first concert in Romania, although the fall of 2005 the band faced an irreversible change of components, Nightwish did not forget the special moments of emotion and joy lived together with the Romanian fans.

Following the many (and persistent) emails, we asked the Nightwish management the wish of many fans – to get to see again the concert from Bucharest, which was filmed only privately as no TV station was interested at the time to shoot it.

Into remembrance of one of the last live concerts of the band in the consecrated membership, with courtesy of Ewo Rytkoenen, Aquarius Foundation offers you two songs of the 2005 concert: Sleeping Sun and High Hopes (Pink Floyd cover).

So have a look and remember: Nightwish in Bucharest, September 30, 2005 – not always, what we love lives forever.

Thanks to Viorel Frangulea, camera & editing!

Sleeping Sun (link)

High Hopes (link)