Only a few of you have an idea how pleased where Therion members after last year’s concert in Bucharest. To the press and on’s forum, Christofer Johnsson stated: “In a 19 years career there have been no concert better organized than this one. Everything worked as a combination of a German parade and a Swiss watch!” Therefore, we did not even need to ask them to come back, as they took it for a fact and without hesitation they included Bucharest on their new tour list! And when a Nordic guy asserts something, one can be sure that is to happen!

We met again the “Riders of Theli” on March 2 nd at the Metalmania/Budapest Festival, where Therion was headlining (with Anathema, Moonspell, Nevermore, Soilwork, etc). As we were telling about the “horse glasses” through which music is perceived in Romania and about many “critics” being surpassed by our question concerning the connection between music and medicine, Therion mastermind briefly pointed out: “We will come to show it, with our music”. Thank you Therion! A few great surprises will wait for you at the future concert … Just stay tuned!

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