Ewo Rytkonen, international manager of Nightwish, confirmed the band will be happy to play for the 3 rd time in Romania! This is going to happen end of 2007/beginning 2008, as part of the international tour for launching the new album, in a concert organised by Aquarius Foundation.

Thank you Ewo ! Not many bands have the benefit of a manager like you, who works for the band with whole his heart. (N.B: Ewo Rytkonen selected Nightwish’s demo out of a few hundreds in 1996, afterwards joining the band in all world tours, and he contributed later on to the band reaching their international status)

We keep our fingers crossed for you to find a vocal front woman up to the band’s musical requirements !

Here and now, we want to thank everybody who did not give up hope in the future of the Nightwish, as well as those whose messages supported us in the moments when we were doubting: is it worthwhile to continue?