Nightwish rules! Gold and Platinum with each edited album!

        Beyond any appreciations, the achievements of the Fins speak for themselves:

Oceanborn, the second album, got the gold disk in Germany, a performance repeated with the singles Sacrament of Wilderness, Walking in the Air and Sleeping Sun.

Briefly after launching the next album – Wishmaster – got straight on the first place in the Finnish tops, where it stayed for three weeks, receiving also the gold disk.

Meeting the joint appreciations of both the public and the media, Wishmaster was designated the album of the year by the German magazine Rock Hard nr. 6/2000, over passing by far the long waited Bon Jovi and Iron Maiden compositions. Wishmaster did not stop here, but got the platinum disk as well, which was handled together with the gold disk for the single Deep Silent Complete!

From Wishes to Eternity, the first DVD issued by the group got gold in Germany.

The Over the Hills and Far Away single edited in 2001 won double platinum in Finland.