Let’s try to join for a while Tuomas Holopainen in his loops to his mysterious island, as shown on the last DVD, END OF INNOCENCE. But why would the inner anxiety, search and longing of Finnish composers and artists like Tuomas Holopainen (Nightwish), Ville Valo (HIM), Timo Rautiainen, Tony Kakko ( Sonata Arctica), Eikka Tuopinen (Apocalyptica), be of interest to other people?

I believe the answer is two folded: the first and maybe the most important is the value and profoundness of such feelings. Cause beyond the character’s search and longing, their emotion speaks us about Inquietude and Longing (be it for nature, love or God) as universal emotions of the human being along its history. Only and alone the aspiration towards an ideal and the power of a conscientious faith in its achievement, be it at the end of time, differentiates the human of the other living creatures, as standing for its name.

A second possible reason, no less important, is given by the questions and inquietude that the works and creation of such artists, with their search and aspirations, can raise in the audience.

Lost in the daily whirlpool of the existence, the mankind forgets in general to ask self-questions. When looking around, we see people floating adrift, without understanding the direction they are going to, forgetting that achieving a material wellness cannot be a pertinent goal as such.

Facing and listening to the Finnish artists who through their music and lyrics speak about their search and longing, the audience has to reflect – at least for a few seconds – on the same questions. Always obeying to the temptation of making comparisons, the viewer will once more compare the longing,