What makes Finland different? How comes that Finland is nowadays one of the top Hi-tech countries, with one of the most effective educational system and with a blooming culture, spoken with internationally with reverence? Which is the background of these indisputable achievements, what is behind them? Trying to find out an answer to these questions, I was left with new ones: what do the Finnish people dream of? What do the Finns long for, what motivates them both as individuals and as a nation?

I found the answer in their music. No matter the style, from the classic to the traditional Finnish music, the overwhelming feeling on each audition was one of solitude, inner restlessness, longing and search. As if, isolated from the noise of the world due to coldness and the arctic night, their souls longed for a world where the spirit can find its warmth. I understood for the first time the huge advantages of the climate where they live. The outer freezing of space and time is counterbalanced with the richness of the human soul, which can therefore ask itself questions beyond the immediate reality. Why are we here, which is the aim of this world? Not asking and answering them makes directionless and aimless the journey of every human being.

Starting from these questions, let us start up on a journey to "a Finnish island", a voyage to a metaphoric island, a travel into the souls of the people living there, where ideals, longing and solitude are part of the constitutive nature.