With an extremely busy schedule but for sure also a source of professional satisfaction,
"Once upon a tour" will make happy the public of the 150 concerts from 28 countries of the world. Started on 2004 May 22nd, in Kitee (Finland), the tour will finish by the end of 2005!
Until now the first famous music group to perform Romania in the peak of their career, Nightwish will honour Bucharest including it on the concert list with one show at the Palace Hall on November 19th

Info on the November 19th gig in Bucharest:

The public access in the Palace Hall starts at 18.00, and the concert begins at 20.00.
No support band, so be prepared for a “direct” meeting with the “sacred monsters” from NIGHTWISH!!!

The show will be recorded and broadcasted on TVR1, TVR Cultural and TVR International. As associate producer, TVR broadcasts the promotional spots starting November 14.
Radio Mix broadcasts on 100,6 Fm the promotional spots in heavy rotation, starting November 1st.

At the venue you will find all the NIGHTWISH albums brought from Finland, as well as the new album ONCE, edited in Romania. Also teeshirts, posters and other NIGHTWISH “goodies”, so … be prepared …