Press references - ONCE

"Once" is bursting with two very important elements: originality and inspiration. You can understand while listening to the album that every song is written under different circumstances, every song is an interesting riddle, finally every song is overworked to perfection. It’s nice to see Nightwish leaving their past behind (how many "Wishmasters" can they make?) and moving forward in the 21st Century." 
                                                                                                Musical Discoveries, June 2004

"Once" is the album that won’t make you press the "next" button in your player. You need to listen it from start to end with no brakes in between. For me this is the second renaissance of Nightwish and definitely a best of for 2004!"
                                                                                                Michael Dalakos, Nuclear Blast,
                                                                                                June 2004

"Overall, "Once" is a fantastic album, a musical journey of beauty and wonder. As each previous Nightwish effort has been slightly different than its predecessor, so likewise has this album followed Nightwish’s progressive evolution, and done so with majestic excellence. Each successive listen to "Once" will reveal more depth and beauty, and will grow quickly on you. Highly recommended!"
                                                                                                Metal Rules, June 2004